08 August 2006


I am looking forward to learning and developing new ideas and sharing the knowledge with you all.

Isn't is funny that despite the benefits of "e-learning" and the ability to do everything in front of a computer by yourself at home or in the office, the real driver of making this technology work is the connection of people. People who are interested in a common goal or philosophy. I have to admit without the face to face contact with you all last week I could easily become lazy and not involve myself in the project. But now I know what you all look and sound like as I tap away on the keys and I do feel the connection.

So, here's to the next 10 weeks or so of delving and using the multitude of elearning tools out there and here's to new connections.


Blogger Robyn said...

Yes, I agree totally Tanya. You have a wonderful small supportive group so I do hope you make some positive and long term connections that allow you to tackle e-learning issues. I guess it was my belief in connections that made us choose the title for our NSW LearnScope blog - "Connections and Conversations" - that's how we learn and grow isn't it.

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