16 October 2006

The Journey

This picture describes my work life perfectly… a messy desk with a million things to do and me constantly attached to my earphones. Generally I use SKYPE to communicate with my non-local colleagues however since I have been a member of this Learnscope project I have been using the Discovere online discussion room to facilitate group discussions between 4 ACE providers. Discovere has been such a big hit that our Cluster is looking to purchase a user licence for 2007. VTE moderation sessions and discussion times are already being planned.

Over the past two months a lot of the issues facing Managers in E-Learning have been raised by the group that has answered some of my questions, encouraged me to ponder and of course, raised some more questions. I realise now that the journey to the successful use of e-learning involves the following:-
  • Planning and knowing what you want to achieve from the outset
  • Know your clientele
  • Know your product
  • Don't be scared to try new things

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project, Val you did a wonderful job of keeping us motivated and engaged. I wish all my fellow members the best of luck with their own e-learning journeys.


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