07 August 2006

A new learning journey

Well, our team is all new to blogs and social software so we are on quite a new learning journey. The NSW LearnScope Managers in eLearning project is focusing on the critical issues relevant to Managers of organisations (in our case vocational training and educational RTOs)who are implementing eLearning as a learning option. We hope to use this space to post our thoughts and map our journey. We would love to hear your comments as we go.
Val (Facilitator)


Blogger Elke said...

My learnscope journey started on Sep 28, 2005 which is when my learnscope journey blog (link provided elsewhere) was created - in the workshop where I learned how to use them for the first time. Read the very first entry. Welcome to the track which for me is still very much two wheel ruts in the wilderness with lots and lots of side tracks to explore and get lost on!

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