04 October 2006

My Learnscope Journey

It is hard to believe that more than two months have passed since we started this Learnscope Project. After we met in Sydney, I had a number of ideas about what I would like to achieve through the project - some unrealistic considering the limited time that I have. However, what I did learn in such a short period of time was fantastic and invaluable - and I think - will change the way I work, and where I lead our organisation in a substantial way.

As an Artist, I have one-thousand-and-one potential other uses for blogs, fliker & photostory - in both practical and creative ways.

I created a blogspots for Coffs Coast Community College and one Mid North Coast Community Colleges Cluster - and learnt how to create these hyperlinks.

I created two "photostories" and intend to use that new-found skill to acquit an arts grant that Coffs Coast Community College has just finished.

I was mentored by other members of my organisation who have been part of learnscope for some time, and learnt how to use Flicker, upload photos, and create sidebar links to other websites on the blog.

Through Shane, I learnt a lot more about Toolboxes - and will definitely put what we learnt in that session into practice in our VET Program.

Since starting this project, I have used "DiscoverE" with another College for instruction in how to Tender in the DET Training Market.

Through Val and the Learnscope project, I have extended networks and knowledge in a very positive way.

Thanks very much to Val for your patience, leading us through blogs, compued, wikkis and eluminate - and for giving us the opportunity take part in such important and creative professional development. I hope to take part in more, in the years to come.

It has been great to meet and work with Beryl, Ronnie, Tanya, Simon, Elke and Val.

Georgie Faircloth
Coffs Coast Community College


Blogger Val Evans said...

Georgie - your contribution to this project has been outstanding - thank you. And you win the award for never missing a meeting - well done!

Thank you also for giving us a glimpse of your art - it must be very rewarding to see your thoughts emerge with such expression.

Good luck with your work at Coffs Community College - I will keep an eye on those blogs:-)

11:26 am  

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